Optimization of wall conditioning methods in nuclear fusion – Faculty of Engineering and Architecture – Ghent University

Total energy consumption in the world continues to rise. Most of this energy comes from burning fossil fuels, leading to massive greenhouse gas emissions. Alternatively, nuclear fusion can be used to build a clean, stable and sustainable energy source. Nuclear fusion is the fusion of the nuclei of different atoms to form a new atom. … Read more

UGent confirms expertise in energy conversion with 9 new projects – Ghent University

The purpose of the Energy Transition Fund (ETF) is to: energy research, development and innovation within federal energy powers to encourage and support. Each year, a call is launched to submit projects that fall under three specific themes: renewable energy sources in the North Sea and biofuels, nuclear energy uses and security of supply and … Read more

Can heat exchangers be made of plastic? – Faculty of Engineering and Architecture – Ghent University

Energy recovery is interesting, both for the economy and the environment. Therefore, heat exchangers can be found in all parts of the industry and in everyday life. But the price of traditional heat exchanger materials such as copper is rising, making the investment in heat exchangers less interesting. One solution is the transition to cheaper … Read more

How can we better protect ourselves from malicious deception of artificial intelligence

Automation, the process of minimizing the amount of human labor for the production and delivery of goods, has become an important part of our society since the industrial revolution. Thanks to automated systems, we can produce and deliver goods quickly and cheaply. As a result, prosperity has improved significantly in the last century. In recent … Read more