Wilrijk becomes Atlas Copco’s smart factory

Wilrijk becomes Atlas Copco’s smart factory

June 29, 2022 today at 19:35 The Swedish compressor giant Altas Copco is investing 70 million euros in its factory in Antwerp. The majority goes to production expansion and research. ‘Wilrijk is and will be our most important center of excellence for compressed air in the world.’ Every day, thousands of cars pass the Atlas … Read more

“We expect more growth in our indoor systems”

“We expect more growth in our indoor systems”

DanDutch is a Dutch-Danish company with strategic international partnerships that offer specialized horticultural solutions to improve yields. One of the largest companies in which it is active is ebb and flow irrigation equipment from its Danish partner manufacturers, Staal & Plast, Danvan and FGM. These are commonly used cultivation systems and equipment for growing plants … Read more

Atlas Copco pumps 70 million euros into Wilrijk site – Companies

Swedish compressor manufacturer Atlas Copco will invest 70 million euros in its Wilrijk plant. The goal is to develop the place into a ‘smart factory’. On Wednesday, Mayor Bart De Wever was invited to explain Atlas Copco’s plans. ‘In a smart factory, everything is connected in real time,’ explains Wouter Ceulemans, head of the Airtec … Read more

TNO: Europe can break through the technological domination of the United States and China

Be fully committed to the development of 6G, mature Gaia-X, take the lead in edge computing and embrace open technology. These are some recommendations from the TNO to break through the dominance of Big Tech and Chinese (5G) companies in Europe. Claire Stolwijk, researcher and consultant at TNO Strategic Analysis and Policy. and co-author of … Read more

OM demands maximum punishment for ‘terror campaign that is unparalleled’ news

News feature | 29-06-2022 | 14:27 ‘A terrorist campaign of a seriousness, scope and duration that is unparalleled in the Netherlands.’ With these words, the public prosecutor described the suspicions against a 37-year-old man from Bussum. He was charged this week with blackmailing and threatening the management of a fruit business from Hedel. According to … Read more

How to guide your business through uncertain times: advice from Trends Summer University – Companies

The uncertainties are piling up for business leaders. In addition to the pandemic, they are struggling with economic, environmental and geopolitical crises. But there are solutions that Trends Summer University showed. Leading the way in a rapidly changing world. That was the leitmotif at Trends Summer University in Knokke, where top executives were asked about … Read more